Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick Hits: Reds and Twins

World ML:  Is this the year Miguel Rojas, Tony Ordaz and Vin Sanchez lead Cincy to the Promised Land? What do you need to get back to your Season 15-16 playoff form?

jwperry:  I think we are close, I'd love to add a few more bats and shore up the bullpen after loosing my closer from last season...that and get the cubs out of the way ;)

World ML:   You've already made the big splash with Smalley. How do you fill the roster if you land Santiago?

zbrent716:   If I land Santiago, I don't do much else. Probably Rule 5 for a bat/glove off the bench and a mopup man, and maybe deal one of my extra catching bats. Without Santiago, I go grab some of the good talent still in FA and sign multiple guys.

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