Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yankees Join "Noisiest Off Season" Fray

The defending AL Champ Yankees jumped headlong into the biggest off season makeover conversation Tuesday, getting SP Bobby Ray Dixon (3 years, $50 million) in the first PM cycle, then winning the bidding for Benito Andujar (3 years, $35 million) in the 2nd PM shift.

The talented Dixon has had stretches of brilliance (most recently his Season 15-18 run with the Jays and Royals).  But he's also had seasons where he just seemed lost.  Like last year, to a degree (4.54 ERA), and (yikes!) Season 11 (39 HR's and .865 OPS against...really?).

Which Dixon do the Yanks get...the good Bobby Ray of Season 17 or the evil Season 11 Bobby Ray?

Andujar (ROY, 2 All-Stars and 4 Silver Sluggers over the fireplace) is a steadier commodity than Dixon and undoubtedly a big OF upgrade - the only question is the speed of ratings decline.

Wednesday PM1 update:  quiet cycle on the signing front.  Young and  Santiago are waiting until the last minute.

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