Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers Season 21 Outlook

Season 20
Won/Loss (place in division) & Playoffs: 77-85 (2nd), missed playoffs
Offense:  650 runs (13th)
Pitching:  4.15 ERA (10th)

Major ChangesFA Departures:  C Harold Blume, RP Larry Colin

FA Signees:  DH Damaso Rosales, RP Andy Hahn

Rule V:  2B Walter Weaver (#12), 2B Les Rowan (#44)

Promoted: SS Victor Armas (Sea 17 IFA), OF Rex Hernandez (Season 16 #43 overall), OF Wolf Porter (Season 16 #26 overall)

Lurking in AAA:  RP Esmerling Velazquez (Season 19 #3 overall)

Season 21 OutlookAnother team counting on a lot of rookies.  Victor Armas certainly looks like a good one (he was a highly-touted, $21MM-bonus IFA by the Phillies in Season 17).  He'll join (I'm guessing ) C Jimmy Coco and OF Douglas Dixon in the middle of the lineup. 

With a few exceptions, the members of Milwaukee's pitching staff are run-of-the-mill.  Minnie Greenwood has been solid in the pen, and Andy Hahn had a nice season last year for both Tampa and Seattle (first one on awhile for him , though).  SP Chico Albaladejo walks more guys than Nuke LaLoosh, but seems to get away with it (1.49 career WHIP, 4.07 career ERA) - he and Jung-Lee Lee are pretty reliable starters.  The rest of the rotation will be an adventure.

The Brew Crew's best pitcher might be the AAA reliever Velazquez.  He only has 2 years in the minors, but looks like he could help the big club right now.  We'll see if he gets the call in 20 games.

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