Friday, November 30, 2012

First 2 Polls

Seems like we had a lot of big-name talent movement this off-season, so I thought it would be interesting to see what we all thought of the moves.  2 polls:

Which big-name player move will have the most impact this season?  By "most impact" I mean things like being key to a division title, improving 20 games...positive addition to win totals.

Which big-name free agent is the best bang for the buck?  I don't know if "bargain" can be applied to any; "best value" might be another description.

Here are the players under consideration.   All (3 traded players + 7 FA's) are in the first poll; just the 7 FA's in the second one.

SP Matthew Casey (trade to Nationals)
DH Cutter Nieman (trade to Twins)
OF Dave Diaz (trade to Sounds)
3B Max Gutierrez (FA to Nationals - 5yr, $110MM)
SP Calvin Nielsen (FA to Mariners - 5yr, $68.8MM)
C Pedro Caballero (FA to Blue Jays - 4yr, $65MM)
SP AlfredoTorrealba (FA to Pirates - 5yr, $52.5MM)
OF Sterling Adams (FA to Mets - 5yr, $75MM)
OF Bruce Page (FA to Blue Jays - 5yr, $56MM)
OF Rafael Rijo (FA to Pirates - 5yr, $60.8MM)

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