Monday, November 26, 2012

Detroit Tigers Season 21 Outlook

Season 20
Won/Loss (place in division) & Playoffs:  62-100, missed playoffs
Offense:  643 runs (16th)
Pitching:  4.60 ERA (11th)

Major Changes
FA Departures:  LR Luis Perez; pro hitter Terry Hefner, who appears to have ended his HOF career; ditto Derrin Davenport; LR Dennis Forest

FA Signees:  OF Valerio Izquierdo

Season 21 Outlook
Since we have a rookie owner (welcome, sprouthit) here, taking over a team that has been heading downhill for awhile, in a division that produced 3 playoff teams last year, we'll take it very easy on the criticism...maybe even proffer a couple helpful tips.

Obviously it's a pretty thin ML roster.  Some ML players there, but not enough and no stars.

Random thoughts:

*  Darrell Gates is a decent player, but I would not re-sign him.  When you're rebuilding you want to get younger and cheaper.  He'll probably be a Type B free agent - gets you a supplemental draft pick next year.

*  I think signing Izquierdo was a mistake - for $4.2MM you could've picked up a much better player late in FA.  Small mistake, though...just signed for 1 year.

*  You need to fill out your minors with more players.

*  Julio Johnson is a pretty solid SS - I'd wait until the trade deadline and then see if I could get something for him.

*  Couple of guys in AAA who might help this year - LF Cheng and SS Montanez.  To get a 4th min-salary year out of them, wait until 20 minor league days have passed and then promote them.

*  I know you missed budgeting this year, but in the future, up your prospect budget to $20MM so you can bid on an international free agent or 2 to start supplementing your amateur draft.

*  Ask for help when you're not sure about something!

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