Monday, November 26, 2012

Baltimore Orioles Season 21 Outlook

Season 20
Won/Loss (place in division) & Playoffs:  
Offense:  735 runs (9th)
Pitching:  5.48 ERA (16th)

Major Changes
FA Departures:  OF Ken Kydd, 3B Davey Flores, SP Sammy Segui, RP Pete Isringhausen,  RP Ernie Porter, RP Tyrone Kelly, SP Nolan Foster

FA Signees:
  C Gorkys Romero, SP Stewart Winn, SP Duane Powell, SS Albert Moreno, RP Rico Manuel

Rule V:  RP Jim May (#3), RP Lefty Martin (#35),  LR Barney Lincoln (#67)

Promoted:  1B Benny Conway, 2B Glenn Burks, SP Alex Burks,

Obtained in trades:  3B Vicente Castro

Season 21 Outlook(courtesy of GM flyballs13)

"I have some decent young guys just called up. Angel Amezaga had awesome numbers in the minors and should be a 30 hr plus guy in this ballpark. Glenn Burks is not the long term answer at 2nd but should contribute at the ML level.  Another decent call up with good upside - Benny Conway.

 'I just traded for Vicente Castro and he could be a 40-50 a yr HR guy in this park.

'Mikey York is overpaid and on the books for a few more years.

'I have a solid rotation with 2 terrific front-of-the-rotation guys in Rico Tejera and Benji Picasso.

'We got 2 FA signings that are decent inning-eaters in Duane Powell and Stewart Winn with good contracts. I like the young talent fighting for that 5th spot in Alex Burks and Terry Helton.

'If my 3 rule 5 draftees achieve their ratings, I could develop a bullpen (Barney Lincoln, Jim May and Lefty Martin).  The rest of the bullpen is awful especially at closer. Jumbo Machado does not have much future there beyond his contract or maybe even this year."

World Major Leagues Blog comment:  I don't know what this team will do this year, but when you turn over half the roster you gotta get credit for being willing to make some moves.

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