Thursday, November 22, 2012

Welcome to Season 21

Welcome to Major Leagues' 21st season, and a special welcome to our new owners, who have unwittingly joined up with one of the top worlds in HBD!

Season 20 was the usual tooth-and-nail struggle, with the Yankees and Pirates reprising their Season 19 World Series.  Art followed life again, with Pittsburgh claiming its 2nd straight title.

The Bucs' win makes them the only 4-time WS winner (Twins are the only 3-time winner) and extends the NL lead to 13-7.

Cincy's Miguel Rojas highlighted the individual records developments.

Rojas won his 5th Cy Young and is now within one of Chris Nen's career mark of 6.  He posted the 3rd-best OBP-against ever (.240) and the 4th-best Slugging %-against ever (.247), lowering his career-leading numbers in the process.

Finally, his 3rd-best ever WHIP of .89 lowered his career mark to a ridiculous .99.

On the career HR list, Terry Hefner gained 3 on Derrin Davenport (672 to 684), but it looks like both are going to finish up short of 700.  Hefner did make it past the magical 2000 RBI mark and stands at 2004.

Luis Escobar took over the career OBP lead over Tomas Pascual, .430 to .429.

Mike DeJean and Luis Contreras both passed Caeser Carrasquel on the career Quality Starts list - DeJean currently leads 356 to 355.

Philip Herndon recorded 37 saves to post a new career mark of 470.

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