Friday, November 30, 2012

zbrent is RIGHT...Damon is IN

Thanks to zbrent's A+ analysis below, the logic is inescapable:  Escobar and Damon were virtually identical pitchers, performance-wise.  If one's in, they both should be in.  I can't not vote for Escobar with 4 CY's, so I'm changing my call on DamonDAMON SHOULD BE IN.

To me, zbrent's post is really about the wins stat.  If Damon had picked up even another 40 wins over his career, I don't think we'd be calling him a bubble candidate - even though most middle-relief wins are incredibly undeserving of any particular recognition.

I took over a good team in Dirt a few seasons back.  Good team, fairly high payroll.  When FA had settled I was short on SP but had picked up 3-4 really good relievers.  And I had one guy - Christopher Ledesma - who was one of those 40 STA 90 DUR guys you can roll out there for an inning or 2 nearly every day, and a really good pitcher to boot.  He had been used as a closer his whole career (had 2 FOY's) and I think at the time had rolled up close to 400 saves.

Anyway, because I had a couple of dynamite short relievers, and a couple more that were good, and a very average group of starters, I went with a 4 or even sometimes 3-man rotation, set 'em to short pitch counts, and brought in Ledesma for a couple of innings around the 4th or 5th inning.  This was a good offense, so I often had the lead when I brought Ledesma in.  The first year, he had 26 wins and won the CY.  The 2nd year, he had 35 wins and won the CY again.  61wins, all in 2-inning stints.  With 2 FOY's and 2 CY's, he's probably a LOCK to go into the HOF over there.  And he wasn't as good a pitcher as Damon is.

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