Saturday, February 18, 2017

Detroit Tigers Season 37 preview

Season 36:  86-76 


(from GM jsturgis5866)

"After making the playoffs in S35 then missing out by four games in S36 - with star SP Manuel Cano (just 105 IP) on the DL for 2/3 of the season - the Detroit Tigers were at a crossroads. Hamstrung by a budget that was busting at the seams, unable to allow the signing of any significant free agents, the decision was made to retool. SP Pedro Nunez and his big FA contract were traded (biggest part of the return being pitching prospect Matty Santana) in pre-season and thus began the rebuilding process.

'With Cano still in Motown, a solid bullpen and a good defense, the upside in S37 is probably just a notch above .500. S36 All-star and GG 3B Horacio Montero is probably the best offensive player but he's a top-of-the-order guy. Rookie OF Rip Elbert, a 1st round pick in S33, joins the big club to add a little youth but it would be a surprise if he had a major impact on the team's fortunes."

--  jsturgis5866

Cano's return will definitely help a staff that had the 6th-best ERA in the AL, but they might have to win a bunch of 1-run games.  Scoring runs is going to be a challenge - their only .800+ OPS'er from last year, Garland Bottalico, bolted in FA for the Mets.

This may set up one of the most interesting story lines of the season - where will Manuel Cano reside at season's end?

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