Sunday, February 5, 2017

Washington Nationals Season 37 Preview

Washington D.C. Nationals
Season 36:  93-69, Won the wildcard.  Defeated Colorado Springs in the first round of the playoffs. Lost to St. Louis in the second round.


Season 37 begins with much of the roster the same as last season.  This is an older club whose window is definitely closing.  The bullpen is the strength of the club led by  Adalberto Cervantes.   The starting pitching is good.  Maicer Camacho and Stephen Spruill form a nice 1/2 punch. We resigned  Carlos Benavente and Jesse Runion was promoted.The offense is good.  Chris Petkovsek is a key for us. Abdul Gant did a nice job at 3B last season as a 21 year old rookie.  This season hopefully he is a bit better with the glove.
Jordy Pierre  gave the team a boost last season coming over from Montreal.  Fielding is a weakness.  Most notably Floyd Purcell at 1B.  I'm reasonably happy with the other positions.  We need one more pitcher and a bench player to round out the roster.  This season will be much like the last few.   Pirates or Mets win the division and the loser gets the first wild card.  So that leaves one wild card up for grabs.  If the Nationals stay healthy, we should be able to grab the last wild card spot.  Once in the playoffs, I like our chances.

-- chase39

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