Sunday, February 19, 2017

Season 37 New York Mets prevew

Season 36: 102-60,  Wild Card, advanced to NLCS and lost to St. Louis
GM: z0601

Big Offseason Moves:  last year's trade for Paulo Tellis to replace FA departee Jemile Frazier.

Outlook:  The Mets' offense put up 708 runs (5th in NL) last year, and should be similarly productive.  I see they've moved Cecil Bonilla to the leadoff spot in an attempt to jump-start him.  While he's been a productive player (.873 OPS), he hasn't hit the greatness many expected (I would think he's capable of something like a .315/40 HR's/.410 OBP with 40 SB's thrown in).  1B Ricardo Pena (.274/32/92), 3B Rico Lopez (.267/29/85) and RF Paulo Tellis (.250/27/73) in his last full ML Season in Milwaukee comprise the remainder of the offensive core.  New York opts for defense at C, SS, and CF and it shows in their defensive stats (.987 fielding %, 75/14 +/- plays).

Mets pitching begins (but certainly doesn't end) with 3-time CY winner Ruben Ozuna, coming off one of the most dominant seasons in Major Leagues history.  He won 26 (tied for 4th all-time), .963 winning % was 3rd all-time, had 36 quality starts (tied for 2nd all-time), and pitched 307 innings (2nd all-time).

Dante Day (18-9, 2.49 ERA in 253 IP) and Daniel Stevenson (19-10, 3.03 ERA in 267 IP) handle the bulk of the remaining SP duties in their (mostly 4-man rotation), with Grant Young (8-8, 3.59 ERA in 165 innings) relegated to spot-starter status.

If there's a weak spot here, it's the bullpen, although it came through well last year (particularly Ramon Wanatabe and Hector Cruz).

With those 3 monsters in the rotation, great defense, and a top-5 offense, this is a team built for the playoffs.  I'd be very surprised if this team doesn't win a couple of championships in the next few seasons.

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