Sunday, February 19, 2017

Season 37 Philadelphia Phillies preview

Philadelphia Phillies
Season 36:  83-79

GM: tk21775

Outlook:  tk must be wondering what he got into.  93, 90,95,97,102, 98, 81,92, 112, 90,104, 94: no, that's not a fibonacci sequence.  It's the number of wins of each of the Phillies' division mates over the last 4 seasons. Their 83 wins last year was a 9-year high, and that still landed them 10 back of 3rd-place D.C.

That probably won't change this year, but the foundation for it is growing each season.  CF Dean Whitfield (Season 31's #5) begins his 3rd season - he's going to be a + bat in CF and will have a few GG's before he hangs 'em up.  Karl Floyd (Season 30's #6) is a similar story at 3B - better than adequate offense and GG defense.  Hooks Bogusevic has 46 wins and a 3.18 ERA in his 4 seasons.  And there are already other young contributors like C Art Scholl and RP Theo James.

There's more help coming.  The last 3 drafts have produced SP J.P. Hernandez (12th Sea 36), SP William Linares (8th Sea 35), 2B Tom Chapman (6th Sea 34), and IF Gabriel Sanchez (15th Sea 34).  All future solid ML'ers.

The only thing missing from the Phil's foreseeable future are some big bats for 1B and COF.  But the picture is coming into focus.  One day, the Nats, Mets and Pirates will get old and retool.  Philadelphia is setting up for a nice long run when that day arrives.

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