Friday, February 3, 2017

St. Louis Cardinals Season 37 Preview

St. Louis Cardinals
Season 36: 94-68, won Division, won World Series

GM:  jclarkbaker

Last Year's Preview:  "Last year our pitching was great, our offense stunk. So I signed Julio Nunez and traded for Jake Treanor (C) .  Will be bringing up Maicer Cedeno (2B) , Larry Clark (RF) , Ross Cook (P) , and Alen Johnson (P). I’m thinking our pitching stays the same or even improves, and we score more runs. Simple, right?"   
 - jclarkbaker

We'll go into Season 37 with pretty much the same club as last year. Scott Holliday (Sea 33 #17 overall) takes over 3B full-time and should give us a nice power boost.  

Hal Hernandez (SS) is gone - exercised his option. As a result, Ronald Sims (SS) slides back over to SS (pretty good bat for a SS but a little concern about the defense).  J.J. O'Sullivan (C) replaces Bryan Richards (C). Quinn Wilson (3B) and Derek Cromer (1B) replace Jumbo Santayana (SS) and Nerio Hooper (RF) . If we don't sign anyone in FA, we'll bring up Lou Davies (Season 33 #48 overall) to be the defensive SS.

Jake Thurman (Sea 29 #46 overall) replaces 
B.J. Ulrich (free agent departure) in the only pitching staff change.   We'll see if my pitching holds up (we gave up same amount of runs the last two seasons - one run better last season than two ago, so maybe we can count on the staff).  And the idea on offense is for the young position players to grow up and improve.  Just like last year...simple again, right?

- jclarkbaker

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