Monday, February 13, 2017

Seattle Mariners Season 37 preview

Seattle Mariners
Season 36:  89-73

GM:  crabman26


Signed FAs Andrew Wathan (3b), Eddie Hamels (LF), and Dom Humphries (RP). Rule 5s added were Jerome Pedersen (RP) and Vic Elcano (OF). Carson Matthes (SS) was promoted. Otto Little (SP) claimed off waivers during last seasons playoffs. Traded for Kyle Lintz (CF)


Coming off a surprising, yet disappointing, season the Mariners are looking to get into the playoffs. After starting off with a historically bad first half, Seattle turned things around after the All-Star break and came within 1 game of winning the division...and within 1 game of the final wild card. That didn't sit well with ownership so Seattle upgraded CF, LF, 3b, and their bullpen with Free Agent additions. With the Otto Little (Hometown boy) surprising addition off waivers, the rotation could be one of the most potent with Little/ Martin/ and Jackson as the 1-2-3, with Hubbard moving back to the #4 slot. If Dayton Asche (2b) can continue where he left off they should get some offense out of that position, which is a rarity. Hopefully Paxton Whitehill (1b) can improve upon his rookie season and contribute a little more as well. 

Its playoffs or bust here in Seattle, or the GM is going to feel the wrath of these Pacific Northwesterners.

-- crabman26

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