Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Season 37 Florida Marlins Preview

Florida Marlins
Season 36:  76-86
GM: cyben5150

Big Offseason Moves:  Promotions of Season 34 #8 overall pick Gabe Mullen and Season 29 #59 overall Rex Flair.

Outlook:  The Marlins have been patiently rebuilding their farm system for 5 seasons now, and last year it started paying off.  This year they welcome Gabe Mullen, a promising power/speed/defense (at least range and arm-wise) rightfielder.

As a result of their farm-building focus, Florida has one of the tiniest payrolls in the league - $35 million for their ML roster, even with $9.8MM going to 3-time All-Star (and Silver Slugger last year) shortstop Adeiny Nova.  And they still have prospects like Didi Herrera, Donzell Roberts, and Tanner Rogers sprinkled around their minors.  When they arrive, Florida will arrive big.

For this year, I think they'll improve on their 694 runs scored, which was 6th in the NL.  While Mullen is not off to a hot start, I think he'll figure it out quickly and emerge as a ROY candidate.

As for pitching, I don't know...Cookie Young seems like the only guy they can really depend on.  They'll undoubtedly get some surprise good seasons from some guys with low splits but good pitches, but I don't think this staff is ready to get them into contention.

A few more wins in the uber-competitive South, but it's going to be another season or 2 before the Marlins start contending.

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