Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Season 37 San Francisco Giants Preview

San Francisco Giants
Season 36:  58-104
GM:  bigthrowsie

Big Offseason Moves: Just a little dabbling around the edges of free agency in year 2 of the rebuild.  Lorenzo Izquierdo signed on for 2 seasons, replacing Paco Sandoval at 2B.

Outlook:  The future in San Fran starts with LF Doug Lindor and CF Yamil Pino.  Both have been disappointing so far. Lindor missed a chunk of last year with a bad hammy and was only moderately effective when he played.  The bigger mystery is how he has accumulated 2+ years of service time with only 550 AB's.  Pino showed promise in Season 35 but regressed at the plate and in the field last year.  I don't think the Giants expect him to be a Silver Slugger-type CF, but playing every day, hitting .260, and being in the conversation for Gold Gloves are reasonable expectations.

San Fran kick-started the repopulation of its farm system last year with 6 first-round picks.  Mostly supplementals, there are no stars in that bunch but some will no doubt make the Big League team.  A big pick looms for the team this year - they really need to hit on #4.

The Giants' 4.29 team ERA was 13th last year and needs improving.  Good chance they get that even with the same group of starters - Adkinsson, Sauer, Plouffe and Palmeiro (93 starts among them) were all weel abo ve their career-norm ERA's, plus Palmeiro missed a chunk of the season (he only got in 14 starts) with a shoulder problem.  

They converted Edgar Tavarez to a reliever last year with mixed results.  With Corey Montgomery moving down the coast to San Diego, Tavarez probably gets the closer role.  If they're going to have a bullpen standout, he's probably it.

Watch for the pitching to improve - they might not score quite as well, but should be more competitive.

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